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VHA cautions public : Stay safe as hospitalisation costs lacs in 80% govt.rate regulated private beds


Health Insurance beneficiaries should share burden and claim reimbursement after paying for hospitals : VHA

Vidarbha Hospitals Association’ President Dr. Ashok Arbat, Vice Presidents Dr. Shrikant Mukewar, Dr. Pramod Giri, Secretary Dr. Alok Umre, Conveners Dr. Anup Marar & Dr. Sameer Paltewar says that IMA and VHA has proposed to Nagpur Divisional Commissioner the rates of Rs.15000/Rs.20000/Rs.25000 per day slab instead of Rs.4000/Rs.7500/Rs.9000 for Covid management.


More than 110 private hospitals of Vidarbha with total bed strength of more than 10000 had joined hands to form Vidarbha Hospitals Association which is aimed to help set quality standards, ensure cost effective quality health care to incoming needy patients, support statutory authorities to enhance the image of Nagpur as an exemplary health care destination and to protect the interests of health care service providers. VHA is also member of District Health Co-ordination Committee. VHA has been proactively fighting for physical, property and fiscal safety of Vidarbha based health care service providers.

VHA has requested Competent authorities to safeguard the interests of private health care service providers in subsidised 80:20 charges. VHA through this communique wishes to convey public that no private hospital has been given any grant of Rs.1.5 lacs per patient as rumoured.

Moreover, the patient has to pay for the subsidised slabs of Rs.4000/7500/9000 in 80% rate regulated beds wherein Rs.4000 is nowadays is presently applicable for mild patients staying at CCC/ Hotels (Covid Care Centres) while moderate and severe patients come in Rs.7500/9000 per day slab. In addition, the patient has to bear the costs for PPE kits used by hospital staff, Hi end medicines and HI end investigations. The cost of treatment even in 80% Government rates in a private hospital easily reaches Rs.2.5 to Rs.3.5 lacs. The antiviral drug cost ranges from Rs.5000/- per vial while Inj.Tocizulamab costs range from Rs.41000/-. If these medicines are started, the costs escalate tremendously even in government rate regulated beds. The said amount has to be paid by patient. Hence it advisable that public stays safe by using masks, maintaining social distancing and not touching face and nose with unwashed hands as this step of self-discipline is cheaper than cost of hospitalisation which ranges from Rs.2.5 to Rs.6 lacs for mere 14 days’ stay.

Likewise, all hospitals providing Covid treatment are also bound to render applicable non Covid treatment to their beneficiaries be it various companies or schemes as they are bound by contract. If these hospitals refuse to entertain incoming beneficiaries, they will be blacklisted and concerned empanelled companies will remove their empanelment leading to immense financial loss to hospitals who are helping government by serving Covid patient in subsidised charges.

VHA has also conveyed that It is prudent that health insurance and cashless beneficiaries share the burden and pay for their hospitalisation and claim reimbursement from their respective companies after discharge as it is getting difficult for hospitals to continue service rendition for Covid cases in capped charges. The formalities of health insurance take lot of man-hours and in such warlike situation it is difficult to keep a bed blocked till insurance companies give green signal. Many times, even though discharge has been advised at 10am, the final sanction after many queries reaches by late night hours leading to blocking of beds which could have been easily for another needy patient. Moreover, such delay creates unwanted bickering and clashes amongst stressed hospital employees and frustrated relatives.

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