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Will not tolerate insult to our mothers and sisters of the state : Sachin Sawant

  • BJP should immediately apologize for insulting Maharashtra through Kangana
  • This is BJP’s conspiracy to take Bollywood out of Mumbai
Mumbai : With support from the BJP, Kangana is constantly insulting Maharashtra but now she has crossed all limits. She has also shown her true colours by using unbearably filthy language about actress Urmila Matondkar. Maharashtra is proud of Urmila Matondkar and the BJP, which has repeatedly insulted Maharashtra through Kangana, should immediately apologise to the 13 crore people of the state, demanded Sachin Sawant, General Secretary and spokesperson of the state congress.
While criticising Kangana and the BJP, Sawant further said that the actions and comments made by Kangana Ranaut are beyond everybody’s tolerance. Hearing the language she used about Urmila Matondkar has led to massive anger among the people of the state. This is not just an insult to Urmila but an insult to all my sisters. Urmila comes from a middle class Marathi family and has always kept the culture of Maharashtra and the flag of Marathi high on the basis of her quality acting. Her insult is an insult of Maharashtra. The Bharatiya Janata Party is equally responsible for all this. The BJP, which lost power in Maharashtra, is taking revenge now.
Kangana, who calls Mumbai Pakistan, calls the Mumbai police a mafia and criticizes Maharashtra and Marathi identity every day, is supported by the BJP. The BJP calls her Jhansi ki Rani, gives her Y-level security, and arranges her visit to the governor. The country has seen her holding a lotus in her hand while visiting Governor Koshyari. She says with confidence that she has the support of BJP and can get a bjp ticket anytime. The BJP is writing all the dialogues for Kangana, said Sawant.
The Bharatiya Janata Party has made efforts in the last six years to downplay the importance of Mumbai and Maharashtra. Many important projects and offices in the state were moved to Gujarat and in the process they reduced the industrial and economic importance of Maharashtra. A BJP spokesperson, who sang praises in support of Kangana, has also done a vile job of humiliating Marathi artists for the low remuneration they receive. Sachin Sawant also made a serious allegation that a conspiracy has been hatched to discredit Bollywood and to move this world-class film industry out of Mumbai.

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