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#Nagpur | Mahatme E-Clinic TELEMEDICINE CENTER inaugurated

MECL ( Mineral Exploration Corporation Limited) and Mahatme Eye Bank Eye Hospital (run by SMM Eye Welfare Charitable Trust) have jointly taken up a health project for remotely stationed needy patients who are unable to reach the hospital.

An e-clinic was inaugurated at Mahatme Eye Bank Eye Hospital, Rajivnagar, Somalwada, Nagpur as a joint venture of MECL & Mahatme Eye Bank Eye Hospital run by SMM Eye Welfare Charitable Trust.

The program was inaugurated and chaired by Shri Nitinji Gadkari, Hon’ble Minister, Road Transport and Highways. He highly appreciated this initiative and profusely applauded efforts of Mahatme Eye Bank Eye Hospitals.

Shri. Pralhadji Joshi, Hon’ble Minister, Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs and Coal and Mines and Shri. Raosaheb Danve Patil, Hon’ble Minister of State for Railways, Coal and Mines, Government of India, New Delhi participsted virtually.

Mr. Dayashankarji Tiwari, Hon’ble Mayor, Nagpur Municipal Corporation, Nagpur and Mr. Ranjit Rath – Chairman & Managing Director, Mineral Exploration Corporation Ltd., Nagpur – whose CSR collaboration made this project possible – were prominently present.

Honorable MP, Padmashri Dr. Vikas Mahatme said in his speech that telemedicine has been used for many years. Mahatme Eye Bank Eye Hospital, run by S.M.M. Eye Welfare Charitable Trust, has been using telemedicine for ophthalmology for many years. But telemedicine got a new identity, during the Covid period.
Covid made us believe that patients can be treated with telemedicine without any contact. Recently, on the initiative of Hon’ble Prime Minister Narendraji Modi, Union Health Minister Shri. Mansukhbhai Mandvia ji has asked to promote telemedicine under the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare’s national programme on Non Communicable Diseases.

Telemedicine will be very effective for non-communicable diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure etc. This is very beneficial in case of emergency or covid. With this in mind, MECL has taken up the telemedicine project with Mahatme Eye Bank Eye Hospital. Sincere thanks to Hon’ble Minister of State Coal and Mines Minister Pralhadji Joshi and Raosaheb Danve ji for that.

The current project will cover BP, sugar, pulse oximeter, eye examination, retinal examination (diabetic retinopathy) etc. in rural areas, tribal areas or wherever there is a patient. There is no need to go to the doctor for all these tests. Doctors sitting in the city, will be able to view the reports and guide accordingly. This is also important because it is very difficult to find a doctor in rural areas.

The vehicle with telemedicine equipment will be sent to the village in this project. There the patient will be examined by a paramedic and his report will be sent to the doctor; who will be treated by renowned doctors in the city.

The project will require paramedical staff; This will also provide employment to the youth.
Respected Nitinji Gadkari said that this telemedicine project undertaken by Mahatme Eye Bank Eye Hospital – MECL would be a milestone and many such projects would be successful in the years to come. Being a scalable model, it will be useful for many years. He lauded the services rendered to the poor and needy patients by Mahatme Hospital for decades.

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