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Cute Shararat | Bride and Groom Steal Food From Each Other’s Plates, Caught on Camera

Indian weddings are full of joy, laughter and fun. This viral video is a great example of that. The video was uploaded on Instagram by a user called ‘the_wedding_world’ with the caption: “The cutest chori I have seen”. And indeed, it is surely one of the cutest videos you will see today.

The video shows a bride and a groom having dinner in their own plates at a wedding. As the groom looks to his side to pose for the camera, his bride sneakily steals a pappad from his plate. She is also seen adorably taking a bite of the pappad when he’s looking at the photographer.

see the cute video…Here

As the groom turns his head around, the bride looks the other way. He notices that the pappad from his plate is missing and then steals pappad from the bride’s plate.

The video has received thousands of views and likes on Instagram. Many users found the video funny and flooded the comments with laughing emojis.

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