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Zeeshan gets thrown out of the Bigg Boss OTT house


Mumbai Bureau: The day started on a wonderful note, it was seen that Raqesh woke his connection Shamita up with a kiss, later he was also seen giving Neha a relaxing head massage. On ther side, Milind, Neha and Akshara were in a mood to clear all misunderstandings and decided to hug it out as they opened up about their feelings to each other.

Moving on to the second half of the day, as soon as Bigg Boss announced the task to choose the next Boss Man and Lady called ‘Red Flag’ the entire scenario and climate at the house drastically changed. In the ‘Red Flag’ task, the Boss man and lady, Zeeshan and Divya had the power to give red flags to the housemates if they were not following the rules made by the Boss man and lady, the task was supposed to last for 4 hours but within the very first hour, things got out of hands.

The old enemies in the Bigg Boss OTT house, Zeeshan and Pratik got into a vocal fight as Pratik didn’t agree upon something that the Boss man said and as the vocal fight didn’t help, they both started pushing and snatching the red flags from each other’s hand which became a physical fight.

While the fight was on, the housemates had somewhere forgotten that they were in the Bigg Boss OTT house and like we all know, Bigg Boss doesn’t entertain physical fights at all. Considering the fight was majorly hazy between Zeeshan, Pratik and Nishant, it was seen that Zeeshan just didn’t want to step back, and the most enthusiastic contestant of the house was asked to leave the house immediately after the fight.

Unfortunately, the housemates – Divya Agarwal, his connection, Neha Bhasin were not ready for such a drastic decision, but Bigg Boss made it very clear that such an incident will never be repeated in the house!!!

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