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Nagpur Metro | Frequency of Nagpur Metro trains increased to 30 minutes

NAGPUR : In view of the unlock order of municipal commissioner and district collector, Maha Metro Managing Director Dr Brijesh Dixit has taken a decision to increase the frequency of Nagpur Metro trains to 30 minutes, from June 7. The frequency was reduced to one hour after Covid-19 lockdown was imposed in Nagpur and this arrangement continued till June 6 evening.

Services on Orange Line (Sitabuldi to Khapri) are available from 8 am to 8 pm while those on Aqua Line (Sitabuldi to Lokmanya Nagar) run from 6.30 am to 8 pm. All the stations on Orange Line and Aqua Line are now functional. In last two months, Dharampeth College, Congress Nagar, Chhatrapati Nagar and Ujjwal Nagar stations have opened.

Maha Metro has taken a number of steps have been taken to ensure that the commuters as well as Metro officers and employees remain safe.

As part of these measures, the metro trains are being disinfected regularly. All metro stations are being frequently sanitized. While sanitizing metro stations, emphasis is on areas which are occupied or mostly used. The crew control room, baby care rooms, and station control room are some such areas with high footfall.All such areas and rooms are being frequently sanitized. The sanitization activity is as per norms and procedures.

The metro staff wearsmasks and hand gloves all the time. Maha Metro staff regularly sanitizes all the touch points in the trains and stations.

While the agency encourages digital fare transactions, its staff sanitizes the currency notes paid by passengers using ultra-violet rays. These notes are kept separately.

These advisories issued by the central and state governments and the local authorities are regularly communicated to the commuters. The same have already been passed on to Maha Metro employees. Regular announcements are made on public address systems, both at stations and trains, about Covid-19 awareness. Standees and information boards have been put up at metro stations for passengers’ information and perusal.

The Maha Metro staff has been sensitized regarding these measures and told to follow all the steps religiously to imbibe confidence in the mind of the commuters. Higher authorities monitor execution of all these measures to ensure safety of passengers.

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