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#Nagpur | 29th COMP-EX 2023 from 12th JANUARY


Nagpur Bureau: Comp-Ex, the biggest tech-festival is back with a bang for sure. While the world was under the grip of the Covid pandemic and enforced lock-down periods, Comp-Ex, the flagship event organised every year for 28 editions in the past, had to take a hiatus of two years as VCMDWA took a responsible and citizen-centric safety concern decision to abide by the safety norms when Covid struck.

Safe from the pandemic, and with event organizing norms relaxed, it’s time that VCMDWA is getting its acts together and have planned to host the 29th edition of the most awaited and much bigger IT extravaganza of Central India.. COMP’EX-2023.

Comp-Ex was planned to be held last year in 2022 and all the participant bookings were also received. However, the lock down norms on public gatherings was maintained by the authorities, the event had to be put on hold. Still, all the participants stood committed to their participation without cancelling their bookings as they were sure to be in Comp-Ex as and when it was to be held.

With more than 76 participants comprising of companies offering various IT products and service providers, there would be more than 200 brands and thousands of products on display and for know-how interaction at Comp-Ex 2023. 5G technology which is at the door step is now knocking the door and will open new vistas or technology, opportunities, services and convenience to the users across the spectrum.

Whenever one talks about IT advancement in Nagpur, Comp-Ex has been the main source of information, knowledge and for procurement of hardware, software, Apps. etc. Post Covid, there has been a speedy rise in technological advancement keeping pace with newer needs and newer opportunities. This Comp-Ex, one can look forward to meet their technological demands, new ‘work/learn from home’ hardware so on and so forth.

The IT enthusiasts of Central India, and especially South-West Nagpur, can witness a large-scale IT Expo in their own backyard at Reshimbagh Ground. Taking off on the 12th of January, 2023, the 4 days event will conclude on the 15th of January 2023. Daily timings for visitors at Comp-Ex would be from 12.00 noon to 9 .00 pm.

Top companies from the IT field who have confirmed their participation in Comp-Ex 2023 are the giants in their respective domain like HP, Canon, Epson, Asus, Brother, Dell, Digisol, D-Link and Lenovo just to name a few heavy weights.

The much looked forward and gainful highlight in Comp-Ex will be a glimpse of the latest in Laptops and PC’s. Wide-ranging products at wide ranging price bands suitable for all pockets will be there with low-cost machines, tabs, laptops, low-cost printers starting from as low as 8000/-. Refurbished PC’s and Laptops, as economical options, have flooded the market and one can get high configuration laptops and desktops, even the likes of Apple make, at a good bargain.

This much awaited flagship event from VCMDWA is being backed in its efforts by Maharashtra Metro Rail Corporation as the main sponsor and Government of Maharashtra as co-sponsor of Comp Ex’ 2023. Metro Rail, more popularly and proudly now known to Nagpurians as Majhi Metro, with all intra-city lines up and running, was recently dedicated to the nation by the Hon. Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Maharashtra Metro Rail Corporation has been an integral part and partner of Comp-Ex and is shouldering the cause of taking the IT world in its advanced and ever dynamic ‘avtaar’ to the end users.

VCMDWA, besides bringing the I.T. knowledge and know-how to the reach of common people, is also in sync with the society through the CSR based initiatives like the Assured Partner initiative and Cyber Security. Cyber Security will showcase the awareness on Online Transaction Frauds, ATM Frauds, Social Engineering Attacks, Ransomware Attacks etc.

Any further details / queries regarding stall bookings, same can be obtained from the office of VCMDWA, 603, Suryakiran Commercial Complex, Plot No. 1, Central Bazaar Road, Bajaj Nagar, Nagpur (Ph: 0712-2243727, 9730988800)

Press Conference was addressed by the following Comp Ex’ 2023 Organizing Committee Members of VCMDWA: 

  1. Vinay Dharmadhikari     President
  2. Dinesh Naidu     Vice President
  3. Lalit Gandhi     Secretary
  4. Prashant Bulbule     Treasurer
  5. Ranjeet Umathe     Secretary
  6. Sanjay Chaurasia     Executive Body Member
  7. Rohit Jaiswal     Executive Body Member                                 
  8. Shahzad Akhtar     Executive Body Member
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