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#Nagpur | Two Days Orientation Program held at Podar World School

Podar World School begins new academic session with zeal

Nagpur Bureau: With zeal and enthusiasm new academic session for grade 9th & 10th commenced at Podar World School, Nagpur. Two days orientation program was conducted under the supervision of Principal Ms. D. Bhavna Sanjeev, co-ordinators & teaching staff. Day one started with devotional prayer followed by the ice breaking activity. Further the principal conducted a session on “Tips for Academic Success” & motivated the students with her words and best wishes. Dr. Smitha Pakhmode, Associate Professor at NKP Salve Institute of Medical Sciences and Lata Mangeshkar Hospital, Nagpur conducted a session on the importance of teamwork, time management & smart goals. The day concluded by the coordinator with a session on the exam paper pattern.

On day 2, respective subject teachers shared and explained the yearly syllabus, paper pattern and marking scheme, along with Internal Assessment Rubrics with the students. Children were seen engrossed during the session in the games, fun activities, dance and music & made the best of the time. Lastly various ice breaking activities were shared with the students and the winners were awarded with token of appreciation to the students.

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