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Air Force Day 2021 | IAF shares breathtaking photos of its metal birds ahead of October 8


New Delhi : The Indian Air Force, on Wednesday, conducted a Full Dress Rehearsal (FDR) of the Air Force Day 2021 celebrations on October 8. The IAF will be celebrating celebrates its 89th Anniversary on Friday, October 8.

“A scintillating air display by various aircraft will be the hallmark of the Air Force Day Parade-cum-investiture Ceremony at Air Force Station Hindan (Ghaziabad),” a press release issued by the Ministry of Defence (MoD) said.

Among the most prominent performances on the day will be the famous Akash Ganga team dropping out of the An-32 transport aircraft, with their colourful canopies. This will be followed by a flypast by vintage as well as the most modern transport and frontline fighter jets of the IAF. The newly-inducted Rafale fighter jets will be the attraction of the flypast besides other warbirds that will participate in the event. The ceremony will conclude at 10.52 am.

Air Force fully prepared: Air Chief ahead of the big day
Ahead of the Air Force Day 2021, the IAF took to Twitter and shared photographs of the rehearsal. “When you know how to be Smart and Pretty – Ways of the World,” the IAF said in a tweet.

According to the MoD release, the aircraft that will be flying at low levels are Wazirpur bridge -Karwalnagar – Afjalpur -Hindan, Shamli – Jiwana – Chandinagar – Hindan, Hapur – Philkua – Ghaziabad – Hindan.

Earlier this week, while addressing the Air Force Day 2021 press conference, newly-appointed Air Force Chief VR Chaudhary said that the force is fully prepared to deal with any situation. “We are fully prepared to deal with any situation and challenges in the region… the Indian Air Force is absolutely committed towards integration and joint manship. There should be no doubt about it,” he said.

A little history about IAF Day

While speaking with “aatmnirbharkhabar.com” MoD PRO, Nagpur- Mr. Ratnakar Singh said, “The Indian Air Force was established on 8 October 1932 in British India as an auxiliary air force of the Royal Air Force. The enactment of the Indian Air Force Act 1932 stipulated out their auxiliary status and enforced the adoption of the Royal Air Force uniforms, badges, brevets and insignia. On 1 April 1933, the IAF commissioned its first squadron, No.1 Squadron, with four Westland Wapiti biplanes and five Indian pilots. When India became a republic in 1950, the prefix ‘Royal’ was dropped from the Indian Air Force.At the same time, the current IAF roundel was adopted. With 4 Westland Wapiti biplanes and 5 Indian pilots in 1932 ,today we are 4th largest Air Force”.

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