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Nagpur | Podar World School organized guest lecture on “Digestive System and Intestinal Health”


Nagpur Bureau: Podar World School, Nagpur has organized a guest lecture on “Digestive System and Intestinal Health” from 16th of September 2021 to 18th September 2021 in three different slots. The program was conducted online for grade 3 – 10 students under the supervision of the principal of PWS Bhavana Dongardive. 

The guest lecture gather eminent speaker Pratiksha Athawale (Executive in Yakult, Pune). The  gust speaker was heartily welcomed by Aasiya Ansari (Coordinator of PWS) The gust speaker Pratiksha Athawale is working in Probiotic field from last 3 years and is associated with schools, colleges, nutritionists and hospitals to follow healthy lifestyle. 

The vote of thanks was given by Suraiya Khan and Bhavana (Faculty members of PWS) along with a small token of appreciation to our valuable gust. 

As per the feedback received from the students, it was very good learning and knowledgeable experience, the lecture helped in understanding about the intestinal health, good or bad bacteria  and it’s benefits on immunity. 

The speaker explained students about the digestive system with colorful models and presentations. Students enjoyed the session and gained good information about it. Presentation on good and bad  bacteria and it’s benefits on immunity was very well explained and executed. Interpretation of  eating healthy food and level-wise presentation focusing on gut health was done well. The main  purpose of this lecture was to make students aware of good and bad bacteria, gain knowledge on digestive system and intestinal health and factors affecting our immunity and to acquire healthy lifestyle. The principal of Podar World School, Nagpur,  Bhavana Dongardive addressed all the students and teachers to follow healthy lifestyle and thanked Pratiksha Athawale for providing us with valuable information and her precious time.

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