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Bigg Boss OTT | Heartbreaks, backstabbing, plotting, and tears!!! The game takes an interesting twist as contestants play solo!!


Mumbai Bureau: This morning all contestants woke up single, no connection, no strings attached in the house, and were all set to play their individual game! While Divya should have been happy about the solo game, she was seen by herself, feeling left out and chose to not react much and do her duties. On the other hand, Shamita and Raqesh were seen sharing quality time in the morning and after some time Raqesh confessed to Shamita saying, ‘According to him, she is dominating and asked her to stop being demeaning to him!’ Raqesh finally spoke about his feelings, hats off to him. Wasn’t is unusual?!

Talking about speaking up, Nishant was seen talking to Pratik about Moose. Nishant shared how he used to be irritated on Moose because he felt that Moose was playing for Pratik, Nishant says he doesn’t trust anyone on the show! What a surprising reveal! This is the first time he admitted to it though. Moving on, in the second half of the day, Bigg Boss announced the nomination task in which the already safe contestants – Nishant & Raqesh got the power to give any two nominated contestants a disadvantage right in the beginning of the task, and the decision had to be taken with aapsi sehemati. After several disagreements, finally, the two nominated ‘Neha’ & ‘Pratik’. It was shocking for Pratik to know that Raqesh had taken his name, Pratik got angry at Raqesh but that was his decision.

Furthermore, in the nomination task, Neha and Pratik who were given the disadvantage had to sit in the danger zone, and the rest three contestants went and sat in an autorickshaw!! The task had 5 rounds and after each round, one person sitting in the rickshaw had to switch with the one sitting in the danger zone. The decision to send one contestant to the danger zone was taken by aapsi sehmati or the majority of the contestants sitting in the auto. The first round of nomination task witnessed Shamita save her friend Neha!!! Moose and Divya sent Neha to the danger zone in the second round. The third round was shocking and intriguing as Moose partnered with Divya and put Pratik in the danger zone! Moose backstabbed Pratik and their friendship which didn’t go down well with Neha as she thought Moose cared about Pratik.

After going through all 5 rounds, the final round saw Divya and Moose send Pratik to the danger zone alongside Shamita and Pratik wanted Neha to go sit and save herself from nominations. But, there came a twist in the game, because Neha didn’t leave the danger zone and swap with Pratik, even after Pratik begged her to, there were only two contestants in auto. And because the task was not completed, Bigg Boss announced that the task has been dissolved and all 5 contestants remained nominated!!! After this announcement, Pratik lost his temper as he wanted to save Neha, he burst into tears and so did Shamita! The trio surely shares a great bond!

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