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Nagpur | Awareness Session conducted by Nutrition Society of India

Nagpur Bureau: Nutrition Society of India, Nagpur Chapter has organized an Awareness Session on ‘Covid 19 Biochemical Markers and Neutraceuticals, Food Supplements’ recently at virtual plat-form. Dr. Shakti Sharma, Co- Convener, NSI Nagpur Chapter delivered welcome address. she shared that Covid pandemic situation gives us new health challenges. Students should have updated information in line with the Covid related blood tests and their Dietetics management.

Guest of honor Prof. A. N. Radha, Vice President NSI Head quarter shared that Extremely challenging task of combating the grim pandemic situation and ensuring Disease-Free normal life is in front of us. While a lot of efforts are being done and research
is still going on in tackling with respect to treatment & management the alternative left with us to fight the battle is preventive measures with self & social responsibility.

Further, the key weapon is immunity boost with traditional and well formulated Nutraceuticals along with adequate optimum diet. Holistic treatment has added newer perspective In short, now
we do understand the complete context, Perception of WHO definition of Holistic Health and wellbeing…i.e. Physical, Mental and emotional along with the added dimension of Spiritual Health. Spiritualizing our dietary practices ensuring adequacy, balance,
proportion, circadian rhythm is need of the hour.

Dr. Monali Rewatkar Assistant Professor, Department of Biochemistry , IGGMC , Nagpur spoke on ‘Biochemical Covid Markers & Diet’ She emphasized that Covid affects the respiratory system as well as other organs, with the help of Bio-markers we can assess the severity of the disease and take proper line of
treatment. She explained critical role of diet to support the immune system and overall health. A healthy and diverse diet support and modulate immune responses to viral infections

Dr. Kanhaiya Kadam, Chairman, KK Herbal Industries, Nanded delivered his talk on Clinical Management of Covid Complications with Neutraceuticals & Food Supplements. He mentioned that there are many medical interventions for the cure and improvement of pre & post covid patient and the role of Diet is essential as it assist in immunity and fastest recovery of the symptoms. Dr. Kadam Presentation was excellent adding several insights in the treatment of cases. His presentation of case studies and meticulously maintained records are undoubtedly valuable data for evidence based studies and to note the efficacy
of individual dietary treatment administered.

Dr. Rekha Sharma ,Convener NSI NC, Dr. Pratima Shastri, Dr. Smita Vaidya, Prof Nilima Joshi, Dr.Kalpana Jhadhav, Dr. Kavita Bakshi, Dr. Kavita Gupta, Dr. Reeta Bhargava, Dr. Renuka Mainde, Ms. Kavita Kesarwani, Dr. Sakina Raghib and Dr. Sneha Karadbhajne graced the occasion. Dr. Sumeeta Jain, Govt. Ayurvedic College, Nagpur moderate the session. Vote of thanks Given by Ms. Vinita Mehta ,Secretary NSI NC.

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