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CRPF to send over 560 women for anti-Naxal operations for the first time


CRPF inducts women commandos for anti-naxal operations. 34 women personnel from 6 Mahila Battalions will undergo a CoBRA pre-induction training for 3 months. After completion of their training, the batch will be posted in LWE areas alongside their male counterparts.

NEW DELHI: Breaking yet another proverbial glass ceiling, country’s largest paramilitary force CRPF is set to deploy over 560 women commandos for undertaking anti-Naxal operations in select Left Wing Extremism-affected states.

The ambitious plan to deploy such a large number of women personnel in most challenging combat theatres in the country’s internal security domain got moving with a batch of 567 women passing out from the force’s training centre in Rajasthan’s Ajmer last week. CRPF Director General K Durga Prasad told that the full batch will now be deployed in phases in LWE areas in the ‘company formation’ style, which means about 100 personnel at one time.

“These women who passed out on May 6 from Ajmer have been trained keeping in mind the LWE tasks rendered by us. We thought to give them the toughest assignment in the initial years of their service itself. Initially these women personnel will be deployed in one company at a time and after some time their deployment and work utility will be scaled up,” Prasad said.

The DG added the force has already created living infrastructure and barracks for these women at certain locations while more such facilities will be created in due course of time.

The CRPF, officials said, has been working on the concept that if Maoists can have women in their ranks, why not the security forces.

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