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#Nagpur | Webinar organised on World Food Day


Nagpur : On the Occasion of “World Food Day”, Nutrition Society of India, Nagpur Chapter, in collaboration with Aashadeep, Apang Mahila Vikas Sanstha and Association of Food Scientists and Technologists (I) Nagpur Chapter, organised a webinar on 19th October 2021.

Dr. Pratima Shastri, President, Aashadeep, gave the welcome address and Dr. Rekha Sharma, Convener NSI (NC), delivered the Convener’s remarks. Dr. Madhukar Bhotmange, President AIFST (I) Nagpur Chapter, introduced the Chief Guest and the speaker Dr. Smita Lele, Emeritus Professor, Former Director ICT, Marathwada Campus.

Dr Smita Lele enlightened and explained beautifully the concept of “Processed Foods: Myths & Facts. Dr. Sabiha Vali, Former Professor and Head, Post Graduate Teaching Department of Home Science, Rashtrasant Tukadoji Maharaj Nagpur University Nagpur, presided over the function. She appreciated all the efforts of team members. During National Nutrition Month, a Multigrain Recipe Contest was organised for which about twenty five entries were received. These recipes were judged by Dr. Reeta Bhargava, Consultant Dietitian & Mr. Nitin Shende, Senior Chef.

Dr. Amulya Murthy received the first prize for Protein Laddu/bar recipe. Dr. Rohini Kendre got the second prize for Sorghum pancake. The Consolation prize was won by Dr. Rutuja Jane for Multigrain Muthiya recipe. Dr. Preeti Sahu got a special prize for innovative recipe of Energy balls. Tradition with a twist prize for Gopalkala was won by Preeti Katakwar.

The recipes contributed by the participants were compiled in the form of E booklet “Multigrain E Cafe”, which was released by the Dr Smita Lele and Dr Sabiha Vali for online circulation .The program was compered by Dr. Shakti Sharma, Co-convenor NSI-NC. The formal vote of thanks was proposed by Dr. Sneha Karadbhanjane, Head, Dept of Food Technology, LIT, Nagpur. The session was attended by more than 70 students and members of all three organizations.

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