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National | BJP sold everything that Congress built in 70 years: Rahul Gandhi


New Delhi Bureau: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Saturday attacked the BJP-led Centre, saying they “sold” everything in seven years that the Congress-led governments set up in 70 years.

Addressing the national executive of the Congress-affiliated National Students’ Union of India (NSUI), he said Prime Minister Manmohan Singh was dubbed a weak PM at the time of the Mumbai terror attacks but the media did not question Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the time of Pulwama attacks.

“The Congress has always been a building block for the country and all our hard work of 70 years has been sold by the BJP in mere seven years. When the Mumbai attacks had happened, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh was called a weak PM by the media. The media did not raise questions at the time of Pulwama attacks,” he said.

He also praised NSUI members for working hard during the coronavirus period. Congress general secretary and Rajya Sabha MP K C Venugopal also praised the NSUI members for their hard work.

“I myself have been a part of the NSUI family and used to sit at the same place where the members are today. We can change the government for good,” he added.

While addressing the executive, Rajya Sabha MP Deepender Singh Hooda said democracy in the country is in danger at present.

The BJP government is not listening to farmers and constantly trying to silence the voice of the opposition, he said.

Rajya Sabha MP Shaktisinh Gohil said even when the BJP had two MPs “we respected them as opposition” but today the BJP is working to suppress the opposition and is not giving a chance to speak in Parliament.

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