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Bigg Boss OTT : French Toast to French Kiss… Bigg Boss OTT house saw it all!


Mumbai Bureau: It was exceptionally an unexpected day in the Bigg Boss OTT household! Just when we thought that the fight for food and kitchen duties was getting better and calmer. Day 5 of Bigg Boss OTT started with two of the strongest contestants in the house, Ridhima Pandit and Pratik Sahejpal shouting and pinpointing at each other over kitchen duties. Pratik, being the Boss Man of the house pressured Ridhima to complete the duties while the former refused to it.

The second day of the statue task to elect the next boss man and boss lady of the house resumed hysterically. From the housemates giving their best to stand in the icy cold water to a Neha Bhasin kissing Ridhima Pandit to get her to move and lose, while Karan Nath gave a super strong performance to make his team win. The teams surely entertained us all and played it spiritedly.

Keeping the entertainment alive, Neha Bhasin draws on Akshara Singh’s and Pratik’s face to cheer them up and lighten up their mood. The wait was finally over as Urfi declared Raqesh’s team winner of the statue task and the audience is waiting for their new boss lady and boss man of the Bigg Boss house.

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