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#Maha_Metro | Metro Feeder Service Now Available at HCL Technologies

• Employees back in Offices as Work from home Phase Over

NAGPUR : In its efforts to maximise reach of Maha Metro services using Last Mile Connectivity and First Mile Connectivity concept, the organization started Feeder services at HCL Technologies, MIHAN. With starting of these services, HCL employees can now commute easily between HCL and Khapri Metro Station.

The services have been started in association with Nagpur Municipal Corporation (NMC). The feeder services will be available from morning to evening. Bicycle, e-cycle, e-bike, e-rickshaw along with the civic body’s bus services will be available for commuting between the two points.

Maha Metro has been providing feeder services in MIHAN even earlier and HCL Technologies had sought Maha Metro help in starting similar services from their unit in MIHAN. After a prolong period which saw employees sticking to `Work From Home’ concept, they have resumed offices as the Corona wave has since subsided.

The proximity of Khapri Metro Station to HCL plant office makes it an ideal boarding location. Company officials said that they have been encouraging their employees to commute by Metro trains. The employees too have made Metro their mode of transportation, the officials added.

A good number of employees travel daily from city to MIHAN for employment purposes. And Metro has provide to be an extremely convenient mode of transportation for them. Executive Director Shri Uday Borwankar, General Manager Shri Sudhakar Urade, Joint General Manager Shri Mahesh Gupta and officials from HCL Technologies were present during the event.

With temperatures soaring Maha Metro urges citizens to travel by Metro as it provides an air-conditioned and pollution free ride. The number of daily Metro riders has also steadily gone up over a period. School and college students have been regularly travelling with Metro. Maha Metro urges other feeder service operators to align with Maha Metro to provide comfortable transportation services to Nagpurians.

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