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“Nagpur Regional Centre will be one of the IGNOU Digital Resource Centre” – Prof. Nageshwar Rao, IGNOU VC

Nagpur Bureau: Indira Gandhi National Open University Vice Chancellor Prof. Nageshwar Rao addressed the Press Meet at IGNOU Regional Centre, Nagpur and informed latest developments in IGNOU at National and International level. He said that in accordance with National Education Policy-2020 IGNOU started offering counseling classes in 13 Regional Languages (including Marathi) through TV Network of Gyan Darshan and Swayamprabha Channels. IGNOU is catering to International students through 25 overseas centres.


IGNOU transforming into Online/Digital activities like Online Admission, Online Fee Payment, Online Counselling, Online Delivery of Question Paper, Soft copy of Study Material etc. IGNOU is active in variety of Social Media like Youtube, Facebook, Twitter etc. IGNOU is planning to deliver degree certificates using block chain technology.

Selected Regional Centres will be developed as Digital Resource Centres alongwith IGNOU HQ and Nagpur Regional Centre is one among them. So that the local experts can counsel IGNOU students through various regional languages. He informed that IGNOU has 35 lakhs of active students and 39 lakhs of passed out students. IGNOU is the 1st Open University to get NAAC A++ grade that too in the 1st assessment cycle.

Prof. Nageshwar Rao said that IGNOU paid money for the land for constructing Regional Centre Nagpur building and complete process is getting delayed from district administration. He expressed confidence that these will be sorted out soon and the building construction will commence immediately.

Prof. Rao also chaired session entitled “Technology Intervention-Digital Universities, Artificial Intelligence and machine language and ODL” at the 4th Conference of Academic Leadership CAL-4 organised by Research for Resurgence Foundation (RFRF) hosted by VNIT and RCOEM.

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